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Intelligent Robotics & Mechatronics LAB

- Minimaly invasive surgery robot with tactile sensing capabilities
- Cable Climbing Robot
- Soft Transducer Technology
- Texture Sensor for Haptic information
- Quadruped Walking Robot for Outdoor Environments
- Dexterous manipulation
- Intelligent Autonomous Inpipe Robot
- Dexterous Robot Hand

Computer Aided Mechanical dynAmic Systems LAB

- Polymer Sensor
- Implementation of a Sensor Fusion Algorithm for Stable grasping
- Modeling and Control of Hydraulic Parallel Manipulator
- Robot Hand
- Micro Manipulator
- Development of Convergent Radio Therapy Equipment with O-arm CT
- Railway Vehicle
- Slip Sensor
- Analysis and Control of Hydraulic System
- Analysis of Wave Propagation based on Impedance mismatching
- Development of Slip Sensor using Smart Material

Robotics & Intelligent Systems LAB

- Robot Hand
- Pipe Climbing Robot
- Safe Manipulator
- Hydraulic manipulator
- Tactile Sensor
- Air Flow Manipulation
- Informed Planning
- Autonomous Vehicle Recognition
- Gas Pipe Inspection Robot
- Vision Based Localization

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