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Robotics Innovatory

Current researches

- Capacitive 6-Axis Force/Torque(F/T) sensor
- Autonomous pipeline inspection robot systems
- Quadruped Walking Robot for Outdoor Environments
- S-CLOUD : Cloud-Like Controllable Soft Drone
- Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery with Force-Feedback Capability
- Dexterous manipulation
- Dexterous Robot Hand
- Manipulator for Nuclear Decommissioning

Previous Researches

- BioRobot platform for intergrated clinical test
- Wall Climbing and Inspection Robot for Locomotion in 3D Environment
- Micro moving mechanism like earthworm with Artificial Muscle
- Modularized Mobile Robot
- Intelligent high precision robot and control
- Cable Inspection Robot System

- Tactile Sensor
- Texture Sensor
- Flexible Tactile Sensor
- Face Robot

Computer Aided Mechanical dynAmic Systems LAB

Current researches

- Robot Mechanism Design

- Human-Machine Interactions

- Actuators

- Sensors

Previous Researches

- Vehicle dynamics
- Industrial paint robot
- Soft Actuator
- Jamming mechanism

Robotics and Intelligent Systems Engineering LAB

- Robot Hand
- Pipe Climbing Robot
- Safe Manipulator
- Hydraulic manipulator
- Tactile Sensor
- Air Flow Manipulation
- Informed Planning
- Autonomous Vehicle Recognition
- Gas Pipe Inspection Robot
- Vision Based Localization

Soft Robotics Laboratory

Previous Researches

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